Eichler Remodel – En Suite Bathroom

We got the permits and we started our remodel journey…

This Eichler home’s en suite bathroom is receiving a complete remodel. From brand new plumbing fixtures and bright lighting to natural materials and calming décor accents–the design aims to impart a luxurious spa-like feel for this spacious bath. 

Rethinking Color and Material Palettes

4 images in a line each of a different material or color used in the bathroom design. They are concreate, black and gray pebble tile, light oak and blue paint.

We first began this design by creating a cohesive palette with which to work from. With a spa aesthetic in mind, we chose natural flooring and wall materials that incorporate organic forms. Circular black stone tiles are used for the shower floor, as well as to adorn the shower shelving and wall space above the vanity. A warm grey tile was also selected as complement and is carried throughout the bathroom on both wall and floor. 

To balance the palette, natural oak wood finishes for cabinetry and bright white vanity countertop and fixtures ensures a light and fresh modern look.

These materials are further accented with a deep ocean blue color through the use of various bathroom accessories. The blue linens add a sure sense of serenity to this bathroom’s atmosphere.

Interior Elements

A standout feature of this bathroom is its expansive vanity space. An elongated trough sink allows for easy multi-person use, as well as provides plenty of countertop space for accessories. A seamless LED mirror that stretches the length of the floating vanity adds further ambient lighting to the area.

The shower stall features a large floor-to-ceiling glass door that is open and spacious. Fitted with a broad rain shower head, built-in bench for comfortable seating, and recessed shower niche for easy product storage–the space is designed to feel grand yet intensely comforting.

It’s in the Details

The bathroom is enhanced with plenty of storage and display space in the form of open floating shelves and discrete drawers under the sink. Embellished with luxurious linens, high-end hardware in a brushed nickel finish, and rich plant life, this bathroom is sure to feel like calming spa experience from start to finish.

Eichler Remodel – Bathroom Design

Remember? Last time I showed you the new floor plan layout of a Hall bathroom, as well as the Laundry room and some material choices. Here is a rendering of what it is going to look like. This bathroom is going to have light gray, square floor tiles with a concrete pattern, a white vanity with a top that has integrated sinks, lots of open storage as well as hidden storage. For the shower walls, we choose the same tile as the floor, on a larger rectangular scale.

To add some colors we used a glass mosaic in different blue tones for the backsplash as well as in the shower niches.

The concrete pattern is going to be a theme of the house and will also show up in the other bathrooms, as well as the kitchen. We are going to expose the ceiling beams throughout the house in a darker color.

The mirrors are recessed medicine cabinets to have more space for smaller items.

Digital rendering of the bathroom remodel, showing the white sink cabinet with double sinks and round mosaic tile back splash and toilet.

Historic Eichler Remodel – Planning Stage Laundry

A lot of Eichler Homes have a door from a Bathroom to the outside, we wanted to keep this feature but make the bathroom and laundry area more functional. The washer and dryer are located in a wider area of the hallway, so you need to walk by them every time you go to the bathroom.

Blueprint of possible bathroom remodel with the laundry room at the front of the room and the tub in the back

Washer and dryers increased in size over time which makes this area almost impossible to use. The room is open to the Hallway which means you can hear the machines running in the living and dining room.

By switching the laundry room with the bathroom and reconfiguring some of the walls, we were able to create a larger laundry room with a sink and work area.

Blueprint of possible bathroom remodel with the tub at the front of the room and the laundry room in the back

Here is a sneak peak of the material choices for these two rooms:

Materials to be used in the room, concreate blue circle mosaic tile, white tile and white trim.