Professional Interior Design Services

SurroundYou InteriorDesign provides clients with a wide range of services, from straightforward consultations to full-room design strategies and house remodeling assistance. Whether you’re in the market for a simple style upgrade and have ideas you’re hoping to build on, or are kicking off a large-scale makeover and need someone to guide you through the process from start to finish, we create personalized plans tailored to your specific needs.

Contact: Inga Klingauf – – 408.207.2880

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About the owner

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Inga Klingauf grew up in North Germany and studied architecture at University of Braunschweig, graduating with a Diplom-Ingenieur Architect (comparable to a Masters in Architecture). She spent a year in Dublin, Ireland, before moving to the Bay Area in 2009. Her design philosophy speaks to her European influences, and she is a strong believer in the philosophy espoused by the famed architect Mies van Der Rohe: “Less is more.”

Inga is passionate about ensuring that each client ends up with a design that both conveys their unique style and addresses their specific needs. She approaches the design process as a conversation, and actively encourages client feedback. Inga’s personal style is modern, featuring traditional concepts and bold colors that create a fresh, warm living environment.


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