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A plan with a 3D image of a house remodel.
Cross-section of residential house. 3D image.

Are you planning on a simple design upgrade or a large-scale makeover? We create personalized plans tailored to your specific needs. We can help with small room makeovers up to complete home remodels. Our estimates are project-based and you can choose how you like to start. In addition we are also able to provide architectural permit plans, necessary for some remodels.

Our aesthetic is clean lines with bold pops of color. You can check out our Portfolio Page to see what we mean.

Our Design Services

Digital mock up of a fully furnished home interior super imposed over an Architectural drawing of the same home and the text Remodel
A living room with modern design and bright natural light with the text Interior
Tiles pool with concreate edge surrounded by plants and the word Outdoor

SurroundYou Design provides clients with a wide range of services, whether you are in need of remodeling-, interior- or outdoor design services. We can help you to create customized design strategies for your home remodeling project and guide you through to the realization of your dream.

Are you considering some upgrades to your home? Taking out some walls, moving a wall or adding a room to your home? We offer full design services and can help you to redesign your home based on your needs.

Having someone come to your home to help you design your dream space is something very personal. This is why our first meeting is always free of charge. It is important to us that you feel comfortable, and that you understand our design approach, before talking about design fees or budget.

Living in the Bay Area gives you the opportunity to extend your living space to the exterior. The options are endless. We are happy to help to design your outdoor area based on your needs. We can create the perfect outdoor living area, outdoor kitchens and dining, as well as suggestions for plants, planting areas, pool designs ,and a light concept.