Eichler Remodel – Bathroom Design

Remember? Last time I showed you the new floor plan layout of a Hall bathroom, as well as the Laundry room and some material choices. Here is a rendering of what it is going to look like. This bathroom is going to have light gray, square floor tiles with a concrete pattern, a white vanity with a top that has integrated sinks, lots of open storage as well as hidden storage. For the shower walls, we choose the same tile as the floor, on a larger rectangular scale.

To add some colors we used a glass mosaic in different blue tones for the backsplash as well as in the shower niches.

The concrete pattern is going to be a theme of the house and will also show up in the other bathrooms, as well as the kitchen. We are going to expose the ceiling beams throughout the house in a darker color.

The mirrors are recessed medicine cabinets to have more space for smaller items.

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