Have plants in your home!

Having plants in your home has a lot of positive benefits to your home and well being. They look beautiful and attractive and also reduce stress and create a well-being feeling. Interior landscaping has also a positive effect on your level of productivity,  people in offices are more productive and take fewer sick days, make fewer mistakes and are happier.


Adding plants to your bathroom in hanging pots on to the shower curtain is an easy way to add some green. They help to clean the air and can also eliminate bacteria. You probably won’t even forget to water them.


Plants and their benefits:

Anthurium – decreases our stress level

ZZ Plant – helps you to feel better and heal faster from injuries

Majesty Palm – improve your job satisfaction

Peace Lily – most efficient natural filters, makes our air fresher

Snake Plant – good to add oxygen at night. Good plant for your bedroom

Red Aglaonema – boosts up your energy level

Dracaena – efficient air cleaner for chemical compounds

Orchid – they add a touch of exotic elegance and are a great filter for indoor air pollutionUntitled4

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