Backyard planting ideas

Here are my personal favorites on how you can improve your backyard with easy DIY Projects.

Cinder Block Planters:

Cinderblocks are easy to purchase in every hardware store, not too heavy and easy to paint if you need a different color for your space. Have a look at this great Tutorial on how to create Cinder Block Planters by “The Garden Glove”, click here.


Vertical hanging Garden:

If you have a large wall or fence visible in your yard and don’t like the look of it, you could add a Vertical Succulent Garden. Succulents are low maintenance and don’t need much water. Stephanie Lynn wrote an easy to follow step by step guide on how to make your very own planter click here for details.


Combine Planters with light:

Light is important to have in your outdoor space to create a nice atmosphere at night. Here is a do it yourself project by On Sutton Place which shows you step by step how you can create your own planter with lanterns.



Tree Stump Planter

I like the look of Tree Stumps a lot, adding some color with plants can convert them to beautiful planters for indoor or outdoor. Stacy Risenmay has a detailed Blog about how to hollow the Stumps and shows you what you need to do to make them look nice for inside your home as well: