Every Designer has a different work and design approach. I hope this page helps you to understand how the experience would be to work with me on your space:

Step 1: First Meeting

My very first meeting with you is always free of charge. During our first Meeting, we talk about your expectations and your needs. You have the chance to ask all question you have and I have a chance to see the space we are working on.

Step 2: Estimate

I am providing you with an estimate for the design work, usually within 48h after our Meeting

Step 3: Questionnaire


Once agreed on the estimate and signed my contract I am going to send you a questionnaire, with more detailed questions on your needs and preferences.

Step 4: Design process

Once I received the Questionnaire, I start designing your space. Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks until I have finished the design. It is up to you if you like to be involved and show me items and materials you like to have in your home or if you trust me and wait for my recommendations.

Step 5: Presentation Meeting

At this meeting, I will provide you with 3D renderings to showcase your new designed space. I will also give you an itemized list with all items used in the design that you are able to realize it on your own:

Step 6: What is next?

Now it is up to you. If you like what I showed you, you can start with the realization:

If there are items you don’t like I will recommend different items to you. If we worked on your kitchen or bathroom, I am happy to refer you to contractors and come to on side meetings during construction in case there are questions.