Elementary School Library

This is the new layout, with new furniture for an elementary school library. I was able to change the floorplan in a way to provide more space for books (90ft more shelf space). The room has space to display books on every shelf. They are not too high so the children are able to reach every book.

What impressed me the most about this project is the PTA’s goal to fundraise the whole amount of money necessary to realize this project. If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact me and I will be happy to help you. You can also donate items or services toward their silent auction on October 7th. 2016, or make a cash donation.


This is a view into the library when you walk through the hallways.


I transformed this corner of the room into a special work area, which is more enclosed and gives students more privacy from the rest of the library.



The librarian’s desk is in the middle of the room and overlooks the four group tables.