CD Cover Wall Art

This is a great way to reuse all your CD Covers. We had our CDs just laying around in a box, and did not use them any more. Since we have a lot of memories to the time we listened to them every day, I decided to put them on the wall.

The design is totally customizable, depending on your space on the wall you have a lot of options and can do any shape you like.

Items you need:

– Carpet knife

– Metal ruler

– Ruler

– Measuring tape

– Cutting mat

– Sticky dots/double sided adhesive roller

– CD Cover/Books

– Coroplast

– Pencil

– Packaging tape

Step 1: The shape

After you decided which shape you like to do, make sure the Covers fill fit. One CD Cover measures 4.72 x 4.72 inches. Just imagine you are doing a square with 5 CD Covers in each direction. 5 CD Covers next to each other measure 23.6 inch. Since we only want to see the CD Covers and not the Coroplast, you can use a 20 x 20 inch coroplast sheet.

Step 2: Glue all booklet pages together

Use sticky dots to glue all pages together. For this project, I needed about 10 of the adhesive rollers.

Step 3: Mounting CD Covers 

Start mounting CD Covers on the Coroplast sheet. Best way to do it, put all Covers on it without using glue or sticky dots, to make sure that they overlap at the edges.

Step 4: Mounting on the wall

You can just use Nails to put it at the wall. Hold you Coroplast CD Cover Sheet straight at the wall, put the nail at the corner were 4 CD Covers meet and nail it into the wall. Depending on your size you might want to split your project into more pieces and hang put them together to one large piece on the wall. This project is made out of 4 pieces.

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